Texas Sheet Cake (1/2 sheet – $45.00)
A rich chocolate cake for a crowd of chocoholics!   A rich chocolate sheet cake with a thick and creamy chocolate frosting topped with diced pecans.

Celestial Chocolate Cake (9" – $26.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $48.00)
Heavenly chocolate cake with a sweet and smooth vanilla cream filling iced with a decadent chocolate icing.

Chocolate Layer Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache Frosting (9" – $26.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $48.00)
A light chocolate layer cake loaded with a sweet chocolate ganache frosting between the cake layers and coating the outside of the cake.

Lemon Pistachio Crunch Cake (9" – $26.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $48.00)
Delicately flavored lemon cake with a scented lemon curd filling, frosted with white chocolate icing and garnished with a pistachio crunch brittle.

Almond Cake (9" – $32.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $60.00)
For almond lovers! A dense almond flavored cake filled and finished with an apricot glaze and rum laced buttercream.

Italian Cream Cake (9" – $32.00; 14"Round or Half Sheet – $48.00)
Light and Airy pecan vanilla cake with a smooth and sweet cream cheese frosting garnished with pecan pieces.

Fresh Coconut Cake (9" – $25.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $46.00)
A coconut infused cake with a thick vanilla frosting topped with sweet coconut.

Yellow Butter Cake with Caramel Frosting (9" – $24.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $45.00)
Sweet and light butter cake topped with thick caramel frosting

Vanilla Genoise Cake with Buttercream Icing (9" – $28.00; 14" Round or Half Sheet – $40.00)
A light and buttery half sheet cake with rich vanilla butter cream icing. 

Ricotta Pound Cake (serves 8-10 – $15.00)
Light buttery Italian pound cake. Sauces (blueberry, strawberry...) and home made whipped cream can be purchased for an additional $6.00 each per cake.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (9" – $32.00; 14" or Half Sheet – $58.00)
Traditional carrot cake with walnuts, topped with cream cheese icing.

Cupcakes ($12.00 per Dozen and only require 24 hours notice)  Cupcakes can be done in any flavor you see above but I can also do any “special” flavors that you might want.  I can customize just about any flavor that you desire.  Some fun varieties that I have done recently are:

* Key lime vanilla cupcakes garnished with white chocolate key lime butter cream
* Milk chocolate cupcakes topped with Nutella butter cream
* Milk chocolate cupcakes with a smooth chocolate ganache coating, garnished with caramel butter cream. 

Cake Pops ($14.00 Dozen and require 72 hours notice because of drying time requirements) I have ventured into the world of Cake Pops!  Flavors can be customized; colors and decorations can be customized.  Let me make your party fun with these whimsical treats!