Homemade Marshmallows - $25.00 for 40
A pocket of sugar that melts in your mouth.  This light and sweet candy can be topped with toasted coconut or dipped in sweet chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Rinds - $35.00 for 45
Thin orange rinds are sugar coated and dipped in chocolate for a tart and sweet treat.

Truffles - $80.00 for 90; $42.00 for 45; $15.00 per dozen. A rich, bittersweet chocolate with a crisp exterior shell and a soft interior ganache filling. The choice of flavors includes mint, orange, cherry, coconut, Kailua, praline, chi, maple, rum, blackberry, salty chocolate caramel and Godiva (truffles can also be purchased by the dozen at a cost of $15.00/dozen with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen of the same variety). Christmas Special - $13.00 for 12 assorted Truffles (boxed).

Old Fashioned Jelly Candy - $9.00 per dozen. Orange or Strawberry flavored. A soft, melt in your mouth gummy candy coated in sugar.

Peppermint Bark - $10.00 for 12. Just in time for the Holiday season! Sweet white chocolate Christmas trees with cruncy bits of perppermint inside.